The Desire Map Workshop

Setting Goals with Soul 

Early Fall 2018

@ Atlanta Center for Wellness

Is there a book sitting on your coffee table or bookshelf that changed your life? A book that vibrates with power. Pure transformational energy.


There are a couple of books like that for me. One of them is The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.


Before I read Danielle’s book, this is how I felt about goal setting and my life:

I LOVED to make lists but never completed them. I tried to always start each year with yet another new (costly) organizational system, only to use it for a week and toss it aside.


Then, I read this book and almost overnight, big changes started to happen for me.


I realized… I didn't have to work so hard to be "Organized" and "Set Goals".

I started…  Asking myself simple questions and answering them based on my Core Desired Feelings. 

I let go of…  Should have's, Must do's and GUILT for not achieving unobtainable goals that weren't really goals I wanted to meet anyway.


The way we set goals is the way we live our lives. Your goals are your plans. They’re your vision for your future (and probably, your family’s future, too). Did you choose that vision on purpose? With clarity and confidence?


Are your goals based on your heart’s true desires, or what society tells you that you should want? Are your goals driven by your core desired feelings, or by the expectations your friends or family have of you?


Read The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte, and answer those questions for yourself.


When you get clear on the way you most want to feel and you make life choices based on those core desired feelings, well… I can speak from experience and say that EVERYTHING changes.


Life gets brighter, clearer, more fulfilling. Life feels better!

I’m wishing that for you — today and always.