You are invited to the Table

Summer is a time to be around Family and Friends. A time to spend at home relaxing or outside doing our favorite things. It is a time of reconnecting with the people who we love the most and who love us back.

I recently found myself at my childhood home...with my brand new massage table...

surrounded by family...

and some of them still don't really know what Reiki is. So, of course I invited them to the table. I've been slow to come to my public practice of Reiki in order to guard and keep what is one of the most sacred parts of my life just that...sacred. When something makes you feel the way you want to feel every time you do want to keep it that way. What I've come to know lately is that I am literally being propelled forward into a Public format of speaking, giving and teaching others about Reiki. 

Sure, I've talked about it for years as something I do, something I do for friends and family but now, I'm being pushed. I'm so excited. I am. I feel ready. I've taken my time. I've paid my dues. I've practiced and practiced and practiced and I will never stop. I've started speaking more boldly about what I do and what I believe to be a way to connect to the Sacredness of Life. 

Back to the story...


I found myself inviting them to the table...the Reiki Table and the most beautiful thing happened. One by one...they all climbed on and let me give them mini treatments. The Reiki flowed and while not every one had a deeply relaxing experience (especially with children around) everyone came to the table and either got Reiki or found out what it was and what a session looked like.  

My nieces and nephews all took turns laying down and getting Reiki. We talked about what I do and I showed them how I do it. We talked about how connected I feel to God and to the Universe when someone comes to the Table. We expressed gratitude to Reiki and to themselves and their bodies. We said beautiful words of affirmation over them and everyone supported me. 

I left that day feeling filled up with so much love. Validated & Grateful to my family who let me show them what I do.  

Reiki is a spiritual practice for me every time...

Reiki fills me with Love every time...

Reiki makes me grateful every time...


I am reminded of the Reiki Ideals as I learned them: 


Just for Today, Do Not Worry,

Just for Today, Do Not Anger,

Honor your Parents, your Teachers, your Neighbors, your Friends.

Just for Today, Live Honestly.

Just for Today, Be Kind to ALL Living things. 


And Everyday...You are invited to the Table.


With Light and Love,