How I came to Reiki...My Journey

How I came to Reiki...

I've always been an intuitive person. Always able to anticipate others needs, lend a helping hand whenever needed without needing to be asked. I have the ability to walk into a room and zero in on the people who might be feeling a little alone or uncertain or maybe just could use a hug. 

The Enneagram:

I identify primarily as a Type Two ( The Helper) using the Enneagram. I mention the Enneagram because when I took Part 1 Training with the Enneagram Institute I had some energetic experiences. I connected deeply to people. I felt pulled to others. I felt energy light up around me and I was left unsure of how to process all of that. This wasn't what I was there to learn but when I unlocked a knowing and understand of myself and why I do the things I do...and then how to get out of that locked pattern...something opened up. 

 I had a conversation with my Mom, Nan Henson of EnneagramAtlanta, who is in practice as an Enneagram Coach at the Atlanta Center for Wellness. She simply said the word Reiki and I knew I had to find out more. 

Enter Reiki:

I found a class that was being held shortly after I searched for Reiki and I was lead to my amazing Reiki Master, teacher and now my friend Michal Spiegelman. After attending Level 1 and being attuned to Reiki my life changed.


At the time my husband and I were a waiting family to adopt an infant. After many years of infertility and all that comes with it I was in a place of grief, of longing, of anger and also of openness. After I began my Reiki training I knew I would continue until I reached Master level. Never had I experienced something so tangible that left me deeply relaxed, able to accept what will be and filled with so much gratitude for my entire journey. Reiki and God did that. I used Reiki as a daily spiritual practice and I still do to this day. 

Three months after completing Level 1 Reiki, my son was born. It was a beautiful experience and he is mine and I am his. What learning the practice of Reiki did for me was to allow myself to let go. To Let Go of the grip that I held so tightly to Motherhood. To bring in more gratitude for what I did have. To practice lay everything down and just be here this this one moment. 

My hope for you is that you too will experience Reiki in the same way. That Reiki is Now. That we can come back to Reiki and to the breath and to our hearts at anytime and begin again. Reiki is just that...A Practice in gratitude. One that I am forever grateful for. 

With Love,